The Treatment Cycle

First of all, understand that it is a cycle treatment; results are not instantaneous. Some women begin to see results after six treatments. Most see significant results after about fourteen. Most people are encouraged to schedule two treatments per week. Research indicates that this schedule produces the best results. Because there is no discomfort, you may go back to work or otherwise resume your normal activities immediately after each treatment. Remember: drink extra water to flush the toxins released by the treatment."" After a client has achieved her optimum results, monthly maintenance treatments are required to maintain these results. With monthly maintenance results have been shown to last more than four years before another treatment cycle is indicated.

Your Appointment

There is no special preparation required prior to your appointment other than to drink plenty of water. Endermologie® is much more effective on properly hydrated tissue.Your Initial Appointment You will fill out a client intake questionnaire. The Endermologie® technician will take a series of photo's documenting the initial condition of your cellulite. Photos are taken to provide an accurate record of improvements and to help the Endermologie® technician provide better treatments through comparative analysis. Only you and your technician will see your photos. Next you will be given an Endermologie® body suit. The body suit is designed to withstand the rolling/folding motion of the machine, while preventing dead skin from passing into the machine. The body suit allows the Endermologie® treatment head to glide more easily over the body and insures optimal hygiene. The strength of the treatment can be individually adjusted to your comfort level. Again, harder treatment is not a better treatment. We are not trying to batter the cellulite into submission but to encourage it to loosen its hold on the surrounding cells, allowing its contributing causes to be flushed away. If you feel discomfort, it is important to let your technician know. Minor, temporary bruising may occasionally occur from treatment. It is not dangerous, but is an indicator that the treatment strength should be cut back.


Occasionally, another series of photo's will be taken. These will be used to adjust your treatment if necessary. Remember to drink plenty of water so your body is more easily able to flush out the loose waste materials. Most patients find the process quite pleasant, similar in feeling to a deep massage. Since the lymph system is stimulated, it is important for the treatment's success that you drink at least two liters of water every day during the duration of your treatment in order to aid in elimination. This is approximately twice as much as most people normally drink in a given day.

The Endermologie Story

Treatments for cellulite remained largely unsuccessful because they only targeted the appearance of cellulite. It took an engineer to point out that the surface dimpling was a symptom and not a cause. Banishing the bumps would require a deep acting treatment of some sort. Louis Paul Guitay, a young engineer in southern France, was badly burned in a car accident. During his long and painful recovery, he discovered that physical therapy sessions varied according to the time of day. Afternoon massages of burned skin tissue were not as effective as morning massages. The therapist's hands grew tired and he became less consistent after performing numerous massage sessions earlier in the day. Guitay's engineering expertise coupled with his perceptive discoveries produced "Endermologie®" a mechanized, computer-controlled massage procedure using a hand-held device with two rollers for the message and a suction device used to lift the skin. This combination creates a symmetrical skin-fold. The skin gently folds and unfolds under the continuous action of the rollers, allowing for smooth and regulated deep tissue mobilization. As the viscosity of the subcutaneous fat layer decreases, blood flow and lymphatic drainage increase, facilitating the elimination of excess fluid and metabolites, while improving overall cellular function. In English this means, it helps break damaged collagen and smooth out undamaged collagen while improving circulation and waste removal. Although originally Endermologie® was created to deal with the medical problems suffered by its inventor, it wasn't long before everyone involved in creating the first commercial version of the machine, the Cellu M6, realized that the technique was actually making the trial patients look better. It was extraordinary for combating cellulite and for removing local fat in a relatively short time frame. The patients unexpectedly achieved a more contoured and slender silhouette. It also helped each patient enjoy a wellness and a general improvement of the whole body. In short, this machine designed for physical therapy enhanced physical beauty and subsequently began to be used it for cellulite reduction treatment in addition to its original purpose. Endermologie® was pioneered by LPG Systems in France over a decade ago. Since then, Endermologie® was the first treatment to be FDA approved for temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite. Its safety and efficacy have been the subject of several clinical trials and ongoing research has established its positive results. Needless to say, Endermologie® has received extensive coverage on TV and in the print media. Endermologie® is non-surgical and non-invasive.


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